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Email marketing
What is email marketing and how can it help us increase our conversions?

Email marketing is a direct marketing channel that allows companies to communicate new products, sales and updates with the customers on their contact list. Its high return on investment (ROI) makes it vital to the overall sales strategy of most companies.

Email marketing campaigns are typically used to promote special offers, new product and service launches, and branding in general. A campaign can consist of 3 to 10 emails sent within several days or weeks.

Email should be a key pillar of a good digital marketing strategy. Not doing email marketing is like leaving money lying on the ground.

To define a good email marketing strategy, we need to focus on what we want to achieve with our campaign. Some common objectives may be: promoting a new product or service, send a discount to regular customers, increase subscribers with company news, etc..

To design a good email, it does not have to be difficult to read or too technical. Avoid becoming obsessed with creating sophisticated and elaborate emails. The most important thing is to concentrate on creating an email that represents your brand.

One of the most important advantages of email marketing is that it allows direct communication with customers. It can lead to increased sales as it informs customers about products they may not be aware of. Email marketing is also immediate and allows for mass mailings, with a conversion rate that is 3 times higher compared to social networks.

If you want to get more customers and want us to help you create a good marketing campaign using email, contact us without obligation!

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