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What is e-learning and how important is it for your business or organisation?

As a technology partner in European Erasmus+ projects, we know the importance of EdTech and an e-learning plataform. E-learning means being able to access training on any digital device, anywhere, anytime. It is an online educational platform that integrates a virtual classroom where teachers and students share content in real time (or at any time) and where participants' questions, doubts and evaluations are addressed.
Nowadays, many companies use e-learning to manage the training of their employees, improve their skills, teach them new tools or train them for other positions. Training costs less and progress can be easily monitored.

Training needs to evolve and adapt to today's needs. Online training is an increasingly sought-after tool for this process, and it requires accessible, flexible technology.
Our aim is to develop e-learning platforms that provide entrepreneurs or employees, training managers, teachers and students with a personalised virtual environment that facilitates the teaching/learning process.
We develop a wide range of platforms: from the simplest to LMS (Learning Management System) or SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) packages.

What features does Internet Web Solutions offer in the management of your e-learning platform?

At Internet Web Solutions, we strive for customer satisfaction by providing the best possible personalised service. Communication with our clients is essential to understand their needs and objectives.

Internet Web Solutions, as an e-learning platform manager, offers its programming services in Málaga, as well as on a national and European level. We are always committed to developing a quality product so that the client is completely satisfied with the services requested.

Our platforms are:

  • Customisable and easy to use: Our products have simple, intuitive interfaces, and are adapted to the corporate image of the organisation and languages required.
  • Flexible and accessible: As cloud-based software, users can access it anywhere, anytime from any device and operating system.
  • Manage all your resources in one place: Administration, calendar, content, courses, communication, reports and statistics, etc.
  • Integrate content creation tools: Create activities, exercises, webinars, tests, evaluations, upload word, pdf, powerpoint, excel files, videos or links to other sites to further adapt and customise your training.
  • Compatible: A range of SCORM courses can be integrated to provide a personalised training experience.

If you need an e-learning platform, please contact us without obligation!

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