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Logo design
What is a logo and how important is it to your business or company?

A logo is an iconographic representation of a company's corporate identity. An effective logo allows you to faithfully and completely reflect the quality of your products or services, with important economic and relational consequences. The logo establishes the lines followed by the other graphic elements representing your company. It must be simple, readable, representative and original.

The design of a logo essentially follows the ideas that you want to express through it.
For this reason, we always meet with our clients before each project to clarify the marketing objectives.

The design will depend on the target audience, the sector, the product or the service offered.
Therefore, both the font and the colour used will convey different sensations. At this stage, logotypes, isotypes, imagotypes and isologos can be created.

The logo development process may require considerable work until a successful, final version is achieved.
It is important to choose the right shape, colour, font and aspect it will have because it will be your first brand identification and it will express what you want to offer.

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