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Corporate websites
What is a corporate website and how important is it for your business or company?

A corporate website is a type of website designed to represent your business, company or brand and make known all the information related to it.
Its main objective is to generate trust, as your corporate website will be your letter of introduction. It is very important that the web design is adjusted to the corporate colours of the company, its logo, fonts, images, contents, etc.

Nowadays it is essential to have a corporate website because we do dozens of internet searches every day, mainly on Google. Remember that your competition is probably already there, one step ahead of you. You improve your visibility, you expand your boundaries and timetables, and your new clients have a reliable gateway to find information and contact you.

The main functions of a corporate website are:

  • To inform about your company. When someone arrives at your site, they probably do not know you well enough. Therefore, you need to be professional and take care of the content you publish. Show the personality of your company and the added value of your business.
  • Interact with your users. Giving them the possibility to contact you, through forms, telephone, email, social media, etc.

A corporate website normally includes the following information:

  • Company history: It is always better to use approachable and pleasant language. Write having your customers in mind and how to create an emotional bond.
  • Mission, vision and values: It would be important to include these aspects, although not all corporate websites do. Define your company's raison d'être, where it is headed and, above all, the values that define your business.
  • Who you are: Talking about your team and getting to know the people behind the organisation generates trust and humanises your corporate image.
  • Products or services: What does your company do and what makes it different from the competition? It is important to include keywords that relate to this.
  • Portfolio: It is important to include projects that you have already carried out in order to create good expectations in your clients and give them more security.
  • Contact us: You can do this through a form, social networks or simply with your details. Do not forget to include a company email account that includes the domain of your company website.
  • Testimonials: More and more companies are including customer testimonials on their websites. This is a great way to build trust.

Why choose Internet Web Solutions for your corporate website?

Good corporate web design requires professionals to guide you to achieve your goals. At Internet Web Solutions we have many years of experience in web design and development on a national and international level. We offer our programming services in and translated into all the languages you need.

If you need a corporate website, contact us without obligation!

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