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SOS CREATIVITY European Consortium gathers face-to-face in Malaga to celebrate the successful outcomes of this senior digital inclusion 2-year project

SOS Creativity   Programa Erasmus +

Since March 2021, S.O.S. Creativity Erasmus+ project supports the development of IT key competences for adults to let them exploit cultural offers and artistic contents available online, while boosting their level of consciousness toward the potentialities and the risks of the net such as phishing, fraud, fake news, invasion of privacy, defamation etc.

To this end, a consortium of 8 partners from Spain, France, North of Macedonia, Poland and Italy has run a high-quality mapping of Cultural and Creative Resources and Digital Skills to perfectly tailor the training modules to the users’ prospective. In addition to this, a never seen SOS Self-Assessment Tool has been created to enhance ICT and Cultural literacy in seniors, opening to them a wonderful world of arts and creativity resources that could cheer their lives up.

All the resources, available in the multilanguage mobile friendly OER Platform, also address the needs of a variety of adult education professionals working in international settings to foster seniors’ social participation.

Innovation in the project relies on the fact that SOS CREATIVITY is one of the few European projects that provides practical ICT solutions for seniors to spend actively their free time online.

A comprehensive and challenging dissemination program has been undertaken and the training units have been piloted in all project’s countries through a wide variety of media, with online and face-to-face seminars, international Multiplier Event (still ongoing) with adult learners and stakeholders, e-mail campaigns to UE Member of Parliament, social media posts, conferences etc.

The impact and feedback provided at the end of the meeting are highly-motivating with the potential to transform and even revolutionize the way seniors are trained at all levels. There is clear opportunity for all who work in the adult education to be excited by what the project has produced, and exploit the materials created to enhance their digital skills and their ability to advance in the cybersecurity.


SOS Creativity